Hey Fellow DP Nuts. Do I ever have some shocking news for you. As usual I was feeding my obssession for Danny Phantom by looking at it's information on Wikipedia. Turns out The Big Movie and Phantom Fever were due to premire on pre-determined dates but never did!! However, thats not the reason i'm posting this. The real reason I am is because in season 4 under's Tucker's profile in Wikipedia, he um well....how about I just post what he said here.

From Wikipedia:
 ........''And when he figures out that Sam and Danny are dating, he tells Danny to pull the plug, which makes a huge fight between them and causes them to not talk to each other for days. When he goes to Sam's house, he tells her how much he doesn't want them to date and Sam kisses him on the lips and makes him get over it.''

Wow, I never thought Tucker could be like that, then again we kinda acted liked that in What you Want. So we must keep searching for those 2 episodes.

WE MUST!!!!!